Unix Study之AIX系统构建RAC通过ASM磁盘共享

本文发布时间: 2019-Mar-22
Unix Study之--AIX系统构建RAC通过ASM磁盘共享如上图所示:hdisk0支持reserve_policy,而hdisk1却不支持reserve_policy。在AIX系统上,构建ASM磁盘共享的RAC环境,需要设置reserve_policy。安装rac要将reserve_lock(reserve_policy)设置成NO或no_reserve,目的是因为RAC需要并发的共享盘,所以盘不能被一台机器锁住如果不设置说不上什么时候会出问题。操作:======================================================To enable simultaneous access to a disk device from multiple nodes, you must set the appropriate Object Data Manager (ODM) attribute listed in the following table to the value shown, depending on the disk type:Disk Type Attribute ValueSSA, FAStT, or non-MPIO-capable disks reserve_lock noESS, EMC, HDS, CLARiiON, or MPIO-capable disksreserve_policy no_reserveTo determine whether the attribute has the correct value, enter a command similar to the following on all cluster nodes for each disk device that you want to use:# /usr/sbin/lsattr -E -l hdisknIf the required attribute is not set to the correct value on any node, then enter a command similar to one of the following on that node:■ SSA and FAStT devices# /usr/sbin/chdev -l hdiskn -a reserve_lock=no■ ESS, EMC, HDS, CLARiiON, and MPIO-capable devices# /usr/sbin/chdev -l hdiskn -a reserve_policy=no_reserve=====================================================


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